About us

Based in Cyprus, Akatria is a leading outsourcing company highly skilled in product development and media services. We primarily specialize in providing solutions for media companies, boosting their productivity and profitability through innovative strategies and technologies.

Apart from that, we also offer dedicated media services for YouTube, assisting content creators to accelerate their online presence and engagement.

Our team of exceptionally talented professionals work relentlessly to deliver tailor-made solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs and drive their success. At Akatria, we believe in transforming businesses by merging creativity with technology to unlock new opportunities in the media world.

about us

Our Principles

  • Clear Communication Clear Communication
  • Define Goals Clearly Define Goals Clearly
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Data Security Data Security
  • Quality Assurance Quality Assurance
  • Risk Mitigation Risk Mitigation
  • Flexibility Flexibility
  • Regular Updates and Reporting Regular Updates and Reporting
our principles

Our solutions

Transforming Ideas into Reality. Our Offerings in Product Development:

  • Experience versatile interactivity with our Dynamic Website services, crafted for your specific needs.
  • Infuse life into your website with our Dynamic Widgets, tailored to enhance user engagement.
  • Efficiently manage your online content with our adaptable Content Management Systems.
  • Gain actionable insights with our Custom Analytics, specifically crafted for your business requirements.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence solutions.
  • Mobilize your business capabilities with our tailored Mobile Applications, suitable for a multitude of platforms.
our solutions

Our solutions

Your Media Presence. Our Comprehensive Media Services:

  • Make the most of our strong expertise in Content Development with YouTube channel promotion and creative idea generation.
  • Use our Content ID service to help identify and manage any unlawful usage of your copyrighted content.
  • Connect with our Affiliate program and access our free legal Audio Library.
  • Benefit from our Training from YouTube with internal workshops and regular channel improvement updates.
  • Get uninterrupted assistance with our 24/7 Technical Support, resolving all your issues regarding strikes, claims & restricted monetization status.
  • Rest easy with our Legal Support team to handle any unlawful warnings from third parties.
  • Enjoy Flexible Payment Solutions tailored to your convenience in receiving monetization revenue.
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